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Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

Choosing the correct array of garden lighting adds to the overall ambience of your landscape design

Garden lighting is both functional and decorative allowing you to invoke a number of feelings and effects when the sun goes down. 

Whether you require simple lighting for night time entertaining or want to highlight a feature of the landscape design Enchanted Landscape and Design has the solution. 

Enchanted landscape and design has a number of lighting options available including: LED, halogen and solar. All lighting is available in a number of different colours and finishes and is suitable for outdoor use. Of increasing importance is minimisation of the carbon footprint through energy efficiency. At Enchanted Landscape and Design we are able to provide LED and solar solutions to combat any environmental concerns you may have.

Of paramount importance is the position of the lighting to create your desired effect. Some popular positions of garden lighting are listed below:

  • Up lighting – placing the lighting in an upwardly direction. This type of lighting can be used at the base of a tree, plant or garden feature.
  • Down lighting – placing the lighting in a straight downward direction. This is useful when optimal light is required for outdoor cooking and eating.
  • Shadow Lighting – placing the lighting at different angles to project shadows. This is effective when used to project a tree, plant or feature onto a garden of house wall.
  • Silhouetted Lighting - placing the lighting behind a plant or a tree to create a silhouette mirage as you look or approach it.
  • Illuminated Lighting – placing the lighting strategically within the landscape to highlight areas of heavy traffic including garden paths and steps etc.

A member of the team is more than happy to provide information on the complete range of lighting fixtures available and discuss optimal positioning to make your garden oasis come alive at night.

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